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Adult Training Programs

Training programs at Eagle Athletic Club are designed to incorporate the pillars of training we believe are nonnegotiables: strength, stability & mobility, anaerobic, and aerobic conditioning.

Train is our baseline. It is designed for people who have three days a week to train and need an all encompassing program. It incorporates all pillars of training, varying the conditioning stimulus of each workout. Modifications are provided to fit the needs and abilities of people who are new to training, battling injury, or are in the busyness of life.

Push is the next progression from Train. It is for individuals who have more than three days a week to train. In order to progress from Train to Push, clients need to have established a foundation of hitting three Train days consistently, solid nutrition habits, and stress management that can support increased training. If those things are in place, Push provides three to four days of strength training and two to three days of aerobic conditioning. The strength training includes stability, mobility, and anaerobic aspects. The aerobic conditioning can be done on your own or at the gym. Simple programming suggestions are provided.

Grind is the progression with even more intentionality and volume than Push. The intensity is not harder than either of the other two tracks. However, the time needed to train and the capacity to handle the volume are both large. Grind is a hybrid athlete model that still emphasizes strength training by including at least 5 days of strength work. In addition (so often doubling up), there are three to four days of conditioning that may include a mix of aerobic and anaerobic work. Athletes who train on the Grind program have to prioritize stress management and appropriate nutrition to fit their output.

Each program reflects our beliefs in crafting a well-rounded strong and fit person. They are simply varied to match the capacity of different people.

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